How to reach us

As you please! By car or by train but keep in mind that once in Monterosso you will not need the car anymore.

BY TRAIN : The railway line is Genoa-Rome and many regional and even direct train, stop in Monterosso. From Milan, in only 3 hours, you will reach us without any change. From Genoa you will get here in about 1 h ½ (choose a direct train). From Turin 3h 1/2 hour, from Florence 2h 1/2, from Pisa 1h10 and from Rome about 4 h 20 . Monterosso’s train station is at 600 meters from the hotel; it is a nice 10 minutes walk by the seaside. At the exit of the train station, you’ll discover the new part of the town (Fegina). You will have the sea just in front of you.
Take your left and go straightforward along the sea until you cross a tunnel and you get into the old town, in “Garibaldi square”. Once there, looking at the church and at the bell tower, with the sea on your back, follow a little street on the left of the church for about 150 meters (3 minutes).
Keep always your left and you will find Hotel Amici right after some arches. If you like it better you can take a taxi or a luggage porter.
SPEEDY TAXI : 335 6165845
AMICO TAXI: 335 6280933
MONTEROSSO TAXI : 335 6165842
LUGGAGE PORTER: 333 4279309

BY CAR Monterosso is a traffic free area but has 2 paying parking lots at the 2 entrances of the town (of the old town and new town). About 4 km away from the center, at the top of the hill “Colle di Gritta”, where there is a restaurant called “Monterosso Alto”, you will find a big fork and there are two options :

  • 1) The first and the most recommended (easier to find a place): turning right, to “Fegina” you will get into a capacious outdoor parking lot. Rates are € 25,00 for first and 2 day , € 10,00 starting from the third day and € 5,00 after 8 days. To reach our hotel it is a nice walk along the seaside of about 1km. You can also get a cab ‘til the main square (100 meters away from the hotel).

  • 2) Second choice but closer: Turning left, you will get into the old town and right before the town-entrance by a roundabout, there is a 3 floors-garage. Same rates than for first parking place. By foot it is 300 meters.

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