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Cinque Terre

With trains

Monterosso has its own train station – like all Cinque Terre – and it is simple and fast It takes about 5 minutes from one town to another and the trains have the same frequency as a subway.

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*Guests of the Amici Hotel can benefit from a discount on the purchase of the Cinque Terre Card as our structure adheres to the Park’s Environmental Quality Mark, CETS Phase II

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With boats

Boats are another great option for exploring the Cinque Terre, including Monterosso. These picturesque means of maritime transport offer a unique experience, allowing you to admire the beauty of the coasts from a privileged perspective.

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With the trails

Together with our splendid sea, they have become the main attraction of the Cinque Terre and those who have traveled them know well why. They are a real dive into nature and will be appreciated by everyone: families, super sportsmen and lovers of peace. The beauty of our paths is that you can continue in stages: if you get tired, you reach the next village and return by train or boat.

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