Monterosso will please you all: families, friends, couples, sportsmen and not!

It is the ideal for your rest and for outdoors’ activities, you will only have spoilt for choice! Here you will find a serene and comfortable environment. You will enjoy our beautiful beaches swim in crystal blue sea, rent a canoe, take marvelous private boat excursions and choose from lots of paths to go trekking among breathtaking views from the mountains to the sea.

HOW TO VISIT THE OTHER CINQUE TERRE Among sea and mountains but not at all isolated! To visit the other villages you have the choice:
- By train
- By boat
- By foot!

Monterosso has its own train station, as the other Cinque Terre, and trains are fast and easy to use. It takes 5 minutes from town to town and trains are as frequent as a subway.
To consult the timetable we suggest : trenitalia.com
A simple way ticket among the towns costs € 4,00 and it takes about 5 minutes . You can choose between regular simple way ticket or you can purchase the “Cinque Terre Card” a daily pass, which allow you to hop- on -off as much as you want during the day, including the trekking paths. You will find useful information at : parconazionale5terre.it
The trip from town to town lasts about 10 minutes and departures from Monterosso are about every hour. For further information visit : navigazionegolfodeipoeti.net
PATHS Along with our beautiful sea, the trekking paths are the main attraction of Cinque Terre and it’s no wonder why. It’s a real dive into the nature and everybody will love them: families, super sport people, kids…
Our paths are also very nice because you can change your mind on your way. If you feel tired and wish to quit walking, you just have to reach the next village and come back by train or by boat. It certainly gives you a wider freedom to plan your day.
There may be some trails temporary closed because of bad weather or maintenance works but in that case, we will inform you about all the other options.
You will need weeks to explore them all!
For further info visit: cinqueterre.it And to be updated about trails conditions: parconazionale5terre.it

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